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Booby Beanie

Booby Beanie

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If color options in drop-down are not matches for you, please leave a note with the number(s) from the numbered colors in the images. I will be sure to get those colors specifically for you :) 

Introducing the "Booby Beanie" – because even babies need a sense of humor! 🍼👶

Tired of the same old baby hats? Want to give your little one a hilarious head start in life? Look no further! Our Booby Beanie is the breast baby accessory you'll ever find (pun intended). With its uncanny resemblance to a well-endowed chest, this hat is a guaranteed giggle-generator for parents and baby alike!

🤣 Features:

  • Ultra-soft and comfy, just like mom!
  • "Nurse" your baby's sense of style with this unique design.
  • Perfect for baby's first selfie – they'll be the talk of the nursery!

Get ready for the cutest, funniest, and most talked-about baby in town. The Booby Beanie – because every baby deserves a good laugh (and a good hat) from day one! 😂🎩

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